Custom Orders

Custom Orders are Now Open!

Do you have a unique idea for a soap? A niche book that you like? A character you're obsessed with? A favorite dress you'd love to match?  An upcoming event where you would like to offer unique favors? Custom soap orders are always available!

Pricing starts at $60 USD + $15 shipping for a set of 10 custom soaps. Despite being entirely custom, customs are currently DISCOUNTED 20% off the price of in stock bars. This discount won't last forever, so act fast!

To order, please contact me through either instagram DMs (@prettywitchsoaps) or through my contact form located at the bottom of every webpage.

For a full overview of what can be done, my current pricing, and examples of past customs, please see my Custom Order Google Sheet and review all of the information there first:

Most Recently Completed Custom:

Howl's Moving Castle - Howl Pendragon Inspired Soap

Brief Overview of Custom Process

This process is further detailed in my custom order form sheet. Please see the above link for additional details.

1. Design Discussion Before you pay, I would like to discuss the details of your order's design with you. Feel free to bounce ideas off of me, show me your concepts, inquire about fragrances and molds, etc.

2. Place Your Order After we have finalized your design, I will create a custom listing for you on my website to purchase. The listing's description should include all design details we discussed. Please look over this description to make sure I didn't miss anything, as I will refer to the description when making your order!

3. Ordering Supplies Once your order has been placed, I can begin ordering supplies to complete it. This may include ingredients for the fragrance blend, mica colors, and silicone molds. Depending on shipping times, it may take anywhere from 3-10 days for me to receive the supplies for your order.

4. Making The Soap Once I have received all supplies for your order, I can finally begin making it! After I mix and pour the soap, it will be ready to cut in 24-48 hours. Once it is cut, I will be able to send you photos of the finished bar for approval!

5. Curing Time Cold Process Soap takes a minimum of 4 weeks to properly cure, and improves with age. It is safe to use before then, but is harsh on the skin and will melt away very quickly. For this reason, I cannot send your soap out any sooner than 4 weeks. Please make sure you understand this before you order, as there are no exceptions. For this reason, I cannot accept rush orders of soap bars.

6. Packaging and Shipping After the cure time of 4 weeks, your soap will be shrink wrapped in biodegradable plastic and labeled. Packaging is optional, please discuss if you would like them sent naked! If you are located within the United States, I will ship your order using flat rate priority mail, which will take approximately 3 days to reach you.